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When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’

― Fred Rogers

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Be a Hero. Thank a Hero.

Why join forces with the Be a Hero, Thank a Hero?

Doctors, nurses, EMTs, fire, police – all of the front-line responders – are working tirelessly against COVID-19, bravely showing up for work each day with little time to take care of their own needs. They need a Hero, too!  These are real life heroes, and they need your help and support now.

The Al Copeland Foundation and Hippomatic is partnering with suppliers, businesses and restaurants to deliver essential-need items to our courageous responders. Some of these items include: protein bars, trail mix, water, lunch, breakfast and treats meant to give these heroes the strength and energy they need to stay in the fight for us. These heroes are working 12 to 15 hours straight, often with no time to refuel.

Dontations of $500 or more will be used to purchase delicious catered meals and gift certificates for first responders to receive meals directly from of their favorite local restaurants. These meals will feed the heroes working on the front lines, and help keep the incredible local restaurant scene working and cooking during these tough times.

Many of the healthcare heroes don’t even have time to prepare food when they are home, much less shop for groceries.  With your help, we can keep them supplied with meals, healthy snacks and sweet treats – essential nutrition and moments of comfort in an overly chaotic work environment.Heading

How can you help?

Everyone wants to help, but most of us are better off staying home for now. So, what can you do to support these real-life superheroes working to care for our sick while limiting the spread of the virus?  

Be the Hero Behind the Heroes. Say Thank You By Donating Today.